July 04, 2007

The top two of the best airliner

From the Consumer Reports (CS) rating base on domestic flight satisfaction, right know we have know that there are two of the best airliner. The top score from the CS are the JetBlue Airways and Midwest Airlines.

The CS score and rating was taken from survey about check-in ease, seating comfort, on-time performance and in-flight service, among other topics.

The JetBlue Airways get more of the overall airline’s satisfaction score.

Beside of the two airliner mentioned above, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines also scored high in the ratings. Midwest and Aloha Airlines also scored high for satisfaction, but their tickets can be pricier. Midwest stood out for its seating comfort and cabin service, while Aloha was notable for on-time performance.

While the America West Airlines, which recently merged with US Airways, scored the second lowest.

For more info about the America West Airlines, and other airways like American Eagle Airlines, check: JetBlue, Midwest earn high marks in reviews

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