July 04, 2007

Flight warning cause the decreased income

The Indonesian flight warning to Europe country estimated to make a decreased income from airline traffic. The income decreased estimated about 4 million rupiahs.

"This year we will lost about 4 million because of this" said the Panorama Tours owner in Jakarta this Tuesday.

As also said by Herna P Danuningrat, the chief of Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel agency (Asita), "From this Europe flight warning, all the airways should take action by introspection and get the standard of flight safety as the international way."

Later, Asita said that it will take about 4 years to stabilizes the tourism traffic to Indonesia as a major choice of Europe tourism because of this flight warning.

In a General Meeting of INACA 2007 in Bali, one of the Indonesian Minister, Jusman Syafii said that the goverment has take action by doing some protection step to domestic flight as the "open sky" that will started in the next year of 2008.

Source: Kedaulatan Rakyat, one of Indonesian newspapers

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