July 04, 2007

Mitsubishi believes of increasing regional jets order

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Japan industry, the company that led the state-backed consortium behind the YS-11, believe that the world’s carriers will order 5,000 regional jets over the next 20 years, as developing countries expand their air networks and airlines shift to smaller, less fuel-thirsty planes.

About the YS-11 mentioned above, YS-11 is known almost exclusively among aviation geeks and nostalgic Japanese retirees. Its eight-year mass-production run ended in 1973 amid huge losses, and the last YS-11 retired from domestic service last year.

Masakazu Niwa, general manager of Mitsubishi’s aerospace division, said: “This isn’t just about a single project. Our goal is to take Japan’s aerospace in­dustry to the next level of development,”

Advanced technology is one of the Mitsubishi goal. We can see trough one of this example from the improvement of fuel efficiency, that I think this is very good for now since the increasing of gas price.

But not just the Mitsubishi, who try to get advanced, there are also Kawasaki Heavy Industries which flight-testing its new C-X military cargo aircraft, a Y35bn project funded by Japan’s defence ministry, and may market it for civilian use, and Honda which plans to deliver its first five- to six- passenger mini-jet in 2010.

And also other small-jet industry’s like Bombardier of Canada, and Brazil’s Embraer. Bombardier, is an established player with fewer start-up costs, puts the break-even point for its next-generation C-series jets at 500 aircraft. Embraer has get order of 10 regional jets from JAL at the Paris air show.

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Japan takes aim at regional jet market by Jonathan Soble

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