July 05, 2007

Delayed time of airliner is bad

The delayed time arrival of airline or airways is bad, every body knows, and hate about this. The delayed time can be cause of bad weather, efficiency of air-traffic control equipment, airport operations, heavy traffic volume, air traffic control, and many others.

Storms also have hurt airline operations this year by snarling key airports, sending delays rippling across the U.S.

George Hamlin, the managing director of Airline Capital Associates in Fairfax, Va., as reported at Inside Bay Area said: "It's off to a bad start, and travelers need to be prepared,". Following, he also say: "It's likely not to be a fun summer to travel, and that could have a dampening effect going forward."

In May, the U.S. airline delays has got worsened, and the passenger-complaint rate also surged to 45 percent.

Among airlines, US Airways Group Inc. finished the worst in May for on-time arrivals, at 67.9 percent. Its Flight 1569 from Boston to Philadelphia was the most-delayed in the U.S. in May, running late 96 percent of the time.

The best rankings in airline time arrival is Hawaiian Airlines

So there are much to do to get the airline passenger satisfaction, one of them is to decrease the delayed time arrival, if any.

For more info about airline delays, check this article's source:
Airline delays get worse by Susanna Ray, Bloomberg News

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