July 04, 2007

The tourism effect from flight warning

The flight warning to Europe is a problem for tourism growth. as said by the Indonesian MInister, Jero Wacik. If the flight warning will occur fro a long time, this will make the tourism activity get a bad effect. Since the airliner is one of the traveller choice to go to other country.

"Hopely the flight warning will just temporary, because this will make a negative effect to tourism" Jero Wacik said on Monday in Jakarta.

The Minister has make this case to be solve as soon as possible. He said that the most important thing to do is how to fix the Indonesian Airliner to be good, and so is 'its security matter.

As the flight warning is for 51 Indonesian airliner, including the Garuda Indonesia to Europe, the goverment will take the action seriously.

While Bill Farmer, the Australian embassy for Indonesia said that he will still trust and believe in Garuda Indonesia Airliner, as said to Antara.

Source: Kedaulatan Rakyat, one of Indonesian Newspaper

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