July 21, 2007

Small Plane Crashes At Opa-locka Airport

A Piper banner plane crashed at Opa-locka Executive Airport on Wednesday night, but the 28-year-old pilot was not injured.

Kevin Hochstetler works for a Washington-based company flying promotional banners. He was coming in for a landing when the plane got tangled in the banner and crashed.

"The only thing that I can remember is seeing some water splashing around in the cockpit, seeing the ground coming up and knowing that I was probably going over," Hochstetler said. "I'm kind of surprised I didn't, but I just thank the lord that I was safe."

His wife, Allegra Hochstetler, was watching when the plane crash-landed.

"I saw the banner drop and then I saw his nose go in," she said. "I was screaming and yelling, and then I ran out there and he jumped out of the plane. I'm really glad he's OK."

The nose of the plane was burrowed in the field near the runway while its tail dangled precariously in the air. Hochstetler was the only person on board when it crashed.

Source: WPLG Click10.com via Yahoo! News

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