July 21, 2007

Brantly B-2 Helicopter

Brantly B-2 helicopter is an American two-seat light helicopter produced by the Brantly Helicopter Corporation.

After the failure of his first design, the Brantly B-1, N.P. Brantly decided to design a simplier and less complicated helicopter for the private buyer. The Brantly B-2 had a single main rotor and an anti-torque tail rotor and first flew on 21 February 1953. This was followed by an improved second prototype that first flew on 14 August 1956. The B-2A was introduced with a modified cabin, and the B-2B had a larger 180hp fuel-injected engine.

The B-2B has a three-blade main rotor and an all-metal fuselage, it can be operated with skid, wheel or float landing gear. Unusually, to save room, the engine is fitted vertically in the fuselage behind the cabin.

The basic design remained in production for over 30 years. The United States Army evaluated the B-2 (designated the YHO-3) in 1958, although it was not ordered. An improved larger version with five seats was designated the Brantly 305.

Other Variants of Brantly B-2 Helicopter

  • Brantly B-2 - initial production version.
  • Brantly YHO-3 - United states military designation for the B2.
  • Brantly B-2A - improved cabin.
  • Brantly B-2B - uprated 180hp engine.
  • Brantly 305 - larger five-seat version.

Source: Wikipedia

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