June 23, 2007

Airlines receiving failing grades for ground delays

Tourism runs Las Vegas, but more and more we're hearing complaints from people waiting to get in or out of McCarran Airport. Now, the worst airlines are receiving grades, and there's a new tool you can use to fight back.

The Coalition for an Airline Passenger's Bill Of Rights gave American, United and US Airways failing grades for how it handled delays.

Delta, Continental and JetBlue were all given "D's." Southwest, McCarran's biggest airline, was given "B," and Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines received "A's."

Grades were based on how airlines reacted to extended ground delays. Keep in mind, however, the survey is based on media reports and eyewitness accounts.

If you find yourself delayed or stranded by an airline, you can call toll free 1-877-FLYERS-6 to make a complaint; it will connect you to the coalition's president.

The full of this article's can be read on the source at: KVBC Las Vegas

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