May 21, 2007

Amadeus successfully implements electronic ticketing for Kuwait Airways

Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, today announced that it has facilitated electronic ticketing for Kuwait Airways allowing the airline to process e-tickets via travel agencies.

Amadeus Electronic Ticketing allows authorised agents to transmit the ticketing information directly to the airline's database quickly and easily, so that the passenger can check in and board the flight without holding a paper ticket.

“Thanks to our partnership with Amadeus, we are striving towards the IATA target to become 100% e-ticket compliant by the end of 2007. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing has proved to be a quick and efficient solution for us to deploy e-ticketing around the globe”, commented Fuad AlSharedah, Head of Reservations System Development, Kuwait Airways.

Amadeus is the undisputed world leader in e-ticket distribution having enabled e-ticketing for 198 airlines and 142 markets, far ahead of its nearest competitor. Today, more than 70% of tickets issued through the Amadeus System are e-tickets.

Hazem Hussein, Regional Director, Middle East & Africa, Amadeus Airline Business Group, commented: “It is important airlines implement solutions that will allow them to make the most of the efficiency gains provided by e-ticketing. We are committed to ensuring that all airlines, irrespective of their size and geography, are able to meet the IATA deadline at the end of this year.”

Amadeus' rate of implementation of e-ticketing for airlines is predicted to get faster as the year progresses. The company is an IATA preferred supplier for achieving paperless travel by 2007, and is well on track to complete its part in achieving this key milestone for the industry.

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