March 20, 2007

Few of Indonesian Airways Audited for AOC

Indonesia - The Indonesian Transportation Departement will anounced the Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) for some of Indonesian Airways soon.

The announcement will be published within this weeks. Until this month, the Transportation Departement has audited three of Indonesian Airways. On the airways that got low result on the audited, will be taken their AOC lisence.

According to Yurlis Hasibuan, the chief of Tranpotation Departement, three of the airways are: Adam Sky Connection Airline, Wings Air Inc., Dirgantara Air Service.

The dat in Tranportation Departement show some of the airways that has AOC but no longer do any activity. Most of them do not fullfill the common airways requirement.

He says, "If the report has published in rating system, the lowest rating airways will be taken their AOC lisence. But the action will not given immediately, because they will get opportunity to fix their problem first."

Source: Some local newspaper and info

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