March 20, 2007

Airport Police Take Patrols to a New Height

Philadelphia - The Philadelphia International Airport Police unit is more visible and mobile, thanks to Segway Personal Transporters that officers are now using in the Airport terminal complex. The Segway PTs, in use since January 5th, are two-wheel, scooter-type vehicles. Raised eight inches above the ground with a maximum speed of 12.5 mph, the Segway has definite advantages over other transporters and conventional foot patrols.

“The Segway gives officers a birds-eye view of their surroundings and also makes them more noticeable in a crowd,” said Airport Police Captain Frank Gramlich. “It makes them approachable and it also enables them to respond more quickly to emergency calls.”

The Airport has acquired four Segways. They are used to patrol the interior and exterior of the terminal complex. The transporters can move as much as three times faster than normal walking speed, navigate more easily than other mobile units and are quieter. About 100 officers have been trained to operate the Segway, a valuable tool in enabling police to respond expediently to the dozens of calls they receive every day.

“The Philadelphia Police are the front line in the Airport’s many-layered security program,” said Charles Isdell, the City’s Director of Aviation. “The Segways represent another tool provided by the Airport in support of the brave men and women who protect the traveling public.”

In acquiring the Segway, Philadelphia International Airport joins more than a dozen airports in the U.S. that are now using the personal transporters. The Segway PT is also classified as a special purpose vehicle on the approved equipment list of the Homeland Security Grant Act.

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