July 01, 2007

Thunderstorms make flight canceled

The forecasts called for more thunderstorms and Delta opted to cancel flights in advance at airports from DC to Boston, reported on Thursday.

In Chicago and New York passengers were delayed for hours and Jet Blue canceled dozens of flights out of JFK. At Bradley International airport Wednesday passengers on an U-S Airways flight sat on the tarmac for several hours before the flight was finally canceled.

In Dallas, storm-weary passengers stuck overnight were still trying to catch a flight.

On top of weather, Northwest was dealing with a pilot shortage due to budget cuts.

"We're working more hours, we're working under harsher work rules, we're having smaller rest times. It is tough," said Captain Monty Montgomery of the Northwest Airlines Pilots Association.

Fed up travelers are tired of excuses.

Since 9/11 soaring security and fuel costs have caused airlines to cut the number of flights, leaving little room for error.

At the same time, Americans are flying in record numbers.

Analysts say the delays are only going to get worse especially this 4th of July.

Read the news release from the source at Airline passengers facing flight delays and cancellations

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