July 19, 2007

Pilot skill need for dealing airline runway problem

More of pilot skil is needed to reduce the airplane crash because of the runway problem in some airline.

Most of airplane crash are because of the presence of water, slush, snow, rubber deposits or other materials on runways. That called as Runway contamination. Runway contamination has become a source of growing concern as airports become clogged with an ever-increasing number of takeoffs and landings.

As reported in "Runway Contamination" Causing Crashes by Slobodan Lekic, an Associated Press writer, the runway problem may have played a role in Tuesday's crash of an Airbus 320 at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport.

To deal this runway problem, some of the good act that can be taken is by increasing the pilot skill. Because beside the airline itself, this is also the pilot who can reduce the airplane crash.

The example of airplane crash caused by runway, are in 2005, an Air France Airbus 340 shot off a wet runway at Toronto airport after touchdown, and caught fire. All 309 people on board survived. The other one is a Southwest Airlines plane skidded off a runway at Chicago's Midway International Airport and careered through an airport fence.

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