July 08, 2007

Inside the alliance of two major airline

Recently the Jet Airways has made alliance with Air India. This can be said that two big airline came together into one. The alliance is for the goal of enhancing the market share for Indian carriers from the prevailing 20 to 50 per cent in the next few years.

Naresh Goyal the chieft, has said that: "We have agreed that the new merged Air India and Jet Airways must cooperate, not just go for alliances. Why can't we have an alliance within India,".

Goyal was here for the rollout of Boeing's Dreamliner 787 for which Jet Airways has placed an order of ten planes which will start joining the fleet in 2011. In addition to these planes, Jet has also placed an order for 10 Boeing 777 (Long Range), with two of these planes joining the fleet this month.

The alliance of Air India will be more global, since air India also has plans to join a major global alliance of airlines and has held advanced level talks with Star Alliance, which has Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines as partners among others.

Within this airline alliance, will bring more profit between the airways itself and of course will bring up more competition between all other airline in the world.

Read the news release of this article source at: Jet Airways open for alliance with Air India: Naresh Goyal

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