July 07, 2007

Indonesia disagree of flight warning

One of Indonesian Government Department is against the flight warning from The Europe. This is becase Indonesia think that the flight warning just because of administrative matter. The goverment will try to discuss about this an about more principal things.

About this airline problem, the Minister has call to make a dialog with Jean Breteche, the Europe embassy.

The flght warning has started at July, 6, 2007.

Budhi Mulyawan, the chief of Indonesian Air Transportation, The Indonesian Airline has make a lot of adjustment and fix the problem. Safety has became the most important aspect of them.

Five major international airport have been audited so it will be more clear about the national airline matter.

Hopefully the Europe will be the contributor along with other international institutions to solve the airline problem of Indonesia.

Source: Kedaulatan Rakyat, one of the Indonesian newspaper

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