July 04, 2007

The cancelled of all European flights

The airline of London's Heathrow Airport has canceled all European flights departing from Terminal 4 and longhaul flights from Tuesday until 9pm.

From this flight info, the air travelers and the airport user has suggested to check their flights on the ba.com about Arrivals and Departures Information regularly before traveling to the airport.

While the other British Airways flights on other terminal will still continue to operate as usual, so the air traveler should not be worry.

All of this, are because of the security alert at the terminal 4 that British Airways is unable to operate its full flying schedule.

The airline has put in place a policy to allow customers due to travel from London Heathrow Terminal 4 today and tomorrow to re-book their flights for an alternative day or re-route their journeys.

Customers traveling on a canceled flight operated by BMED or a flight with a British Airways number that is operated by Qantas are covered by a separate policy.

For more info about this news, check Security Alert at London Heathrow

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