July 01, 2007

Cambodia plane crash, no survivors

Cambodia plane has crash with no survivors, as confirmed by Information Minister Khieu Kanharith.

This airplane was crash on monday. The tragedy happen when a storm has occured between Siem Reap - site of the famed Angkor Wat temple complex - and Sihanoukville on the south coast. This plane is a Russian-made An-24 aircraft, operated by PMT Air.

A helicopter spotted the crash site early on Wednesday morning after about 1,000 soldiers and police mounted an urgent two-day search through treacherous jungle in rainy monsoon weather.

According to provincial Deputy Governor Khoy Khun Huor, the plane's wreckage was found in high jungle on Phnom Damrey or Elephant Mountain, northeast of Bokor Mountain in Kampot,

The data recorder from the black box will be send to Russia for further analisys, as rescuers have retrieved the plane's "black box" flight data recorder, which could hold crucial information about possible causes of the crash, said by Sith Sakal, head of security at Cambodia's Secretariat of Civil Aviation.

Searchers found the wrecked plane on a remote southern mountain early on Wednesday morning. And the bodies of 22 plane crash victims, including South Korean and Czech tourists, arrived by helicopter in Phnom Penh after being retrieved from a mountainside jungle.

Associated Press
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