July 09, 2007

787 Dreamliner, one of Boeing proud

Boeing Co. right now has reveal the production of 787 Dreamliner. Recently, Boeing has got 600 orders of airplane from costumers in the world. Their order is to get a qualified standard of airplane in a lower cost.

As reported in article of Boeing gives 1st peek at the Dreamliner, Boeing Chief Executive Jim McNerney said the 787 will bring about a "dramatic improvement in air travel: to make it more affordable, comfortable and convenient for passengers, more efficient and profitable for airlines, and more environmentally progressive for our Earth."

Final assembly of the first 787 started in late May, after a gigantic, specially outfitted superfreighter started flying wings, fuselage sections and other major parts to Boeing's widebody plant, where they essentially get snapped together, piece by huge piece.

The 787 is one of Boeing's that get attention from airline public industry.

This is not just from the 787 quality, but also from the promotion of 787. Boeing is doing efficiently by hired former NBC "Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw for the 787 premiere ceremonial event. The even itself is broadcasted live on the Internet, and satellite television in nine languages to more than 45 countries. So it will be easy for Boeing to get 787 customers and suppliers to watch the event.

Not just that, the company also invite employees and retirees to watch together via satellite at the NFL stadium.

These two pictures below are the photos of the Boeing 787 Dreamline premiere ceremonial event from the Centre Daily Times news release.

Boeing 787 Dreamline premiere ceremonial event image 1
Boeing 787 Dreamline premiere ceremonial event image 2

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