June 25, 2007

The Virgin America obtains list for the opening of August in SFO

AFTER HOPING almost three years the approval to send aerial new line, the main America Virgin Fred Reid is not worrying on obtaining a last beginning in the station relative to this year of the route of the summer.

He too much is occupied obtaining to the air line list to fly, of requirements of the government of the meeting to the pilots who make sure of well-has prepared the eyebrows. To use and the training to employees is in hornilla front for the Burlingame-based carrier of the under-price. The air line delay to be able a resignation to begin to sell tickets more ahead this month for a probable launching of August and is occupied puntear of the details for the takeoff.
"Hey, we missed some opportunities, but now we just want to make the most of it," said Reid, chief executive of Virgin America and a former president of Delta Air Lines. "The delay means more people know about us, and we're launching with a lot of brand recognition."

Some 75 new pilots, flight attendants and customer service reps were hired one day in early June, not longafter the government approval to fly May 18. With that approval, Virgin America becomes the only major California-based airline in about 20 years. It aims to launch as a key player in the market for flights between the West Coast and East Coast. It will face significant competition at its San Francisco International Airport base from low-fare carriers and legacy carriers such as United Airlines and American Airlines.

An atypical orientation

New employees rolled through an orientation earlier this month that included a catered barbecue, tours of the new Virgin airplanes and presentations on brand values and airline industry economics. In a large waiting room for new employees, there was a showing of the comedy "View From the Top," starring Gwyneth Paltrow as an airline flight attendant trying to get a job at a new airline.

There were plenty of laughs over the movie, and the mood of the newly hired appeared upbeat and relaxed.

The second day of orientation was called "Spa Day" and included manicures, pedicures and free haircuts.

"We're hiring people for attitude and encouraging them to bring their personality with them," said Todd Pawlowski, senior vice president of airports and guest services for Virgin America.

There will be “holders important” to go for above against, including the carriers of the inheritance such as United Airlines and American Airlines, abbey this. Those carriers are probable to match the projected low prices of America of the Virgin - at least at the outset, he said. Also there will be a pile of competition of the carriers of the discount.

In fact, the things have changed dramatically in SFO since the America Virgin first pointed the airport as her base. SFO was one of the most expensive airports around in that then, dominated by the carriers of the united inheritance such as, that half of the SFO flights works. the carriers of the Under-price were not then posteriora part almost so abundant as they are today in SFO. When he got to be clear that the America Virgin would be able the approval of the government to fly, king Southwest Airlines of the discount announced it immediately would return to SFO.

That was after leaving SFO in 2001 excessive costs of the airport and delays editions to the meat of cow upon its operations in the international airport of Oakland, where the costs of the air line are lower. Initially, the southwest said that service in the fall would begin. The air line upwards pushed the date of the service August moments before the final approval of America of the Virgin to the launching. Other discounter main, aerial routes of JetBlue, struck with the foot of its service of SFO in May.

Read the news release on the source at: Tri-Valley Herald by Tim Simmers, BUSINESS WRITER

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