June 19, 2007

She's flying sky high for Father's Day

BUCYRUS -- Barb Wirebaugh has wanted to fly airplanes as far as back she can remember.

"I flew alone for the first time on a commercial flight to Spain when I was 16 years old. I knew then that one day I wanted to learn to fly a plane myself," Wirebaugh said.

Two years ago, Wirebaugh embarked on her journey to do just that.
"You have to be dedicated to obtaining your pilot's license. It's expensive and time-consuming, but so worth it," Wirebaugh said.

After logging more than 72 hours of flying time, taking a ground school course, passing a written test, oral test and practical test and feeling the sense of accomplishment after flying solo for the first time, Wirebaugh recently obtained her pilot's license.

"I also had to pass a physical which I did with no problems," Wirebaugh said.

Because of the requirement to pass a physical that includes a vision test, Wirebaugh's father, Roger Scott, was unable to get his pilot's license.

"My dad grew up near an airport where the pilots would sneak him up in their planes. He always wanted his pilot's license, but his vision was not good enough to pass the test," Wirebaugh said.

In celebration of Father's Day, Wirebaugh planned to pick up a plane at Mansfield Lahm Airport where she completed her training, and fly into Port Bucyrus to pick up her dad.

"Taking my dad flying is a dream come true. I know he loves to fly and I thought this would be a great way to spend Father's Day with him," Wirebaugh said.

Scott was excited about being his daughter's passenger.

"I am so proud of her. She's a busy gal with two children, a husband, a career and a home to take care of and she still achieved her goal," Scott said.

Wirebaugh will eventually buy a plane of her own.

"I want to buy a larger plane so I can take my husband and children with me to places like Gallipolis, where I have family," Wirebaugh said.

Wirebaugh also likes other benefits of learning to fly.

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