June 06, 2007

Low-cost fleet set to fly

A low-cost international airline will soon make its way to the city.

Tiger Airways, a low-cost airline from Singapore, has been granted permission to fly between the island nation and six Indian cities — Calcutta Chennai, Cochin, Goa, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode.

While the rates for the India leg have not been finalised yet, market sources said “a 50-60 per cent slash” from “legacy airline” rates was expected. In money terms, that would mean a Calcutta-Singapore ticket for Rs 6,000 (approx), against the present norm of Rs 14,000 (approx).

Singapore Airlines controls 49 per cent of Tiger Airways, which has been granted Foreign Carrier Air Permit by the civil aviation ministry.

“We have established Tiger Airways as the largest international low-fare airline to serve China. The link between Singapore and India represents another significant opportunity to expand our business in Asia,” said Tony Davis, CEO of the airline.

“Our strategy of expansion in Asia and establishment of the first truly low-fare airline in Australia will create new opportunities to link various cities with points across Asia,” added Davis.

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