June 20, 2007

Alpha 2000

Alpha 2000 image 1The Alpha Aviation Alpha 2000 is a two-seat, all-metal training and general aviation aircraft built in Hamilton, New Zealand. It is a development of French Apex Aircraft's Robin R2000 series acquired upon Apex's purchase of the Avions Robin company.

The original Avions Robin HR200 was designed by Christophe Heintz, to supplement the earlier Avions Robin designs of Jean Delemontez who also designed the popular post war wooden Jodel. The HR 200 prototype first flew on July 19 1971, and entered production in 1973. The R2000 Alpha name was applied to a new aircraft which shared the fuselage of the HR 200, but had all new wing and tail surfaces. The prototype R2000 Alpha flew on January 15, 1976 and production followed in 1977 to 1983.

Licensed production was also undertaken in Canada. The R2160 model was returned to production with minor modifications in 1994 by Apex Aircraft

In 2004 Alpha Aviation of New Zealand bought engineering jigs and equipment and world wide production rights to both the Robin HR200 and Robin R2000 series. Alpha Aviation has recommenced production of the Robin R2120 as the Alpha 2000 120T and of the Robin R2160 as the Alpha 2000 160A and 160Ai. Apex continues to market the aircraft in Europe.

Alpha 2000 image 2
Foxtrot X-ray Yankee -- first off the new production line

Production of the New Zealand development began in 2006 against orders for nine aircraft and 18 options (including orders form the UK, South Africa and Australia), with capacity to build four aircraft a month. An Alpha 160A, ZK-FXY, was first off the production line, being test flown by Noel Kruse and Steve Lange on 12 April 2006. It will be subsequently used as a company demonstrator. It made its first public appearance at the 2006 Warbirds over Wanaka airshow. The next three aircraft off the production line have been ordered by the Waikato Aero Club as training aircraft.

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