May 06, 2007

Indians travelled in Kenya Airways plane

New Delhi - The government today released the names of 14 Indian passengers believed to be on the Kenya Airways flight that crashed in Cameroon with 114 people aboard.

According to the External Affairs Ministry release, the passengers on the flight from Doula to Nairobi have been identified as:

  1. Nigli Shirly
  2. Nigili Kewin Joseph J
  3. Kocherry George Joseph
  4. Maria Joseph
  5. Manuel Gracey
  6. Gaur Aman
  7. Prakam Sundararaman
  8. Bhagya Madhusudhan
  9. Poojitha Madhusudhan
  10. Madhusudhan Madhu
  11. Ruby Mary
  12. Shah
  13. Chauhan L S
  14. Gireesan Nalkath


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