May 26, 2007

Greater Binghamton to be featured in US Airways Magazine

The Greater Binghamton area could soon become more familiar to millions of air travelers. The region will be the focus of an article in the August edition of the US Airways Magazine. The airline and the city held a reception at City Hall to announce the decision. Binghamton is the 34th U.S. city to be featured in the magazine.

"We typically focus on communities that haven't received the national attention that we feel it warrants," Carsten Morgan of Pace Communications said. "You're at a stage where we feel Bingamton's about to go through a stage of revitalization."

"It's just going to be talking about the strength of our work force, the strength of our schools, the strengths of our medical institutions," Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan said. "I think it's going to be a way to tell the story of Binghamton, which is a great story."

US Airways say two-point-seven million people read the magazine each month. The article could be as long as 25 pages.


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