March 20, 2007

US Airways: sorting out grounded passengers

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US Airways Group said on Sunday it had managed to sort out travel arrangements for most of the 100,000 passengers whose flights were grounded by Friday's storm.

US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline had over the weekend been trying to find seats for the 100,000 passengers whose flights were grounded by the bad weather. On Friday, a late-winter storm hit the Northeast's biggest cities.

"We have been able to accommodate most of the passengers either by getting them to their final travel place or giving them an alternative travel date," she told Reuters late on Sunday.

Big U.S. airlines and their affiliates canceled more than 2,000 flights on Friday, airline and government officials said.

Airlines, hoping to avert the type of storm-related service meltdown that stung JetBlue Airways Corp. in New York a month ago, began canceling flights on Thursday.

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