March 17, 2007

Man loses greatest love - a model airplane - in crash

A model maker watched as his plane’s test flight and second marriage both crashed and burned.

The U.K. Sun is reporting that Simon Steggall spent two years, all of his spare time and about $30,000 of his own money building a 16-foot replica of a 1950s nuclear bomber.

Steggall’s second wife eventually got so frustrated playing second fiddle to her husband’s toy that she filed for divorce. It’s something Steggall is familiar with, since his first wife divorced him for the same reason.

After the model maker’s two marriages ended in flames, his third love finally did as well. Steggall took the remote-controlled Vickers Valiant to his local airfield for a test run and within moments from takeoff the mini-bomber lost power, crashed into some trees and exploded.

“I’m devastated and can’t believe it’s gone,” Steggall told The Sun. Steggall, 45, had flown the plane three times prior to the accident. He took it to the airfield to obtain a safety certificate necessary to enter the model in to public air shows.

“It feels like I’ve lost a member of the family,” said the new bachelor. “But I’m not going to let this setback get to me. Luckily my new girlfriend loves my hobby.”


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