March 15, 2007

British Airways Expands U.K. Operations

British Airways Expands Operations at London City Airport With Launch of New Subsidiary

British Airways PLC said Wednesday it is expanding its operations at London City Airport by more than 70 percent with the launch of its new subsidiary, BA CityFlyer.

The new carrier will operate 250 flights a week from the Docklands airport to six British and European destinations from the end of this month.

British Airways currently operates 144 flights a week at London City.

The airport, opened in 1987, is located in the Royal Docks in East London and serves London's financial district. Flights from City Airport currently travel to 27 destinations, mostly in Europe.

BA said the increase in its own flights represents its greatest commitment to the airport since it began services there in 2003.

"This growth demonstrates our commitment to London City," said Peter Simpson, the managing director designate of BA CityFlyer. "We believe BA CityFlyer has a great future here, and we will evaluate further growth opportunities as we plan our schedules for 2008 and beyond."

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

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